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Guide For Tenants

We'd like to help you find your ideal rental home

Step By Step Referencing Guide

1)  Please complete the relevant referencing forms and return to the M&B Residential Lettings office : 77 Upland Drive, Derriford, Plymouth, Devon PL6 6BE or via email :

2) Please ensure to enclose 2 forms of photographic identification, proof of address i.e. utility bill, council tax bill and proof of earnings i.e. three months bank statements or three months wage slips.

3) Before referencing forms are sent to Rentshield, a referencing fee of the following will be taken.  These monies will cover all of the set-up administration fees :-

£192.00 Inc VAT for one person

£288.00 Inc VAT for two people

£360.00 Inc VAT for three people

£420.00 Inc VAT for four people

If a guarantor is required the fee will be £72.00 Inc VAT per guarantor.  The fee’s are non-refundable should you later decide to withdraw your application.  Should the Landlord withdraw the Property once referencing has commenced, the monies will be refunded.

4) Any person over the age of 18 years will need to be referenced.

5) If you do not disclose past Adverse Credit History or CCJs the referencing will be failed and all fees paid are non-refundable.

6) Please be advised that all referencing forms received on a property will be Subject To Landlord’s Decision.

7) To carry out a full credit search Rentshield will need a contact number of individuals and companies, these being; (i) Your current Landlord, to make sure you have consistently paid your rent and also to ensure there are no dilapidations at the property.  (ii) Your bank details, to make sure you have no adverse credit history (i.e. county court judgements or bankruptcy orders).  (iii) Finally, your current employer, to ensure you will be employed for the term of the Tenancy Agreement and confirm your salary by supplying three months wage slips.

8) Once Rentshield have carried out all the necessary checks, they will send a report to M&B Residential Lettings with a decision on whether the Tenancy should go ahead.  They will also advise whether or not the application will need a Guarantor.

9) Once M&B Residential Lettings have received this report we will then inform the Landlord and Tenant of the result.  We will arrange a suitable time and date for the Tenants to come to the office and sign the Tenancy Agreement.  If a Guarantor has been referenced, they will also need to sign a Guarantor Agreement, on the move in date in the office.

10) A holding fee will be requested once the application has been accepted and will need to be paid within 48 hours, this will amount to a full months rent.  This amount will be deducted from the monies required on the date of signing the Tenancy Agreement but should you decide not to proceed with the Tenancy the monies will be non-refundable.  If the Landlord removes the property from the market then the monies will be returned to you.

11) On the day the Tenants sign the Tenancy Agreement all parties must be present including any Guarantor if applicable.

12) The deposit and first month’s rent must also be paid by bank transfer.

13) Once the relevant paperwork has been filled in and monies paid, we can then hand over the keys to the property.

14) Credit Cards and/or cheques are NOT acceptable.

Right to Rent – Immigration Act 2014

As from 1st February 2016 all tenants must prove that you have a right to rent property in England if:

  • You are starting a tenancy on or after 1st February 2016
  • There is a break in your tenancy and it started on or after 1st February 2016

In order to be granted a tenancy, right to rent checks will be carried out.

We will do the following:-

  • check your original documents to make sure you have the right to rent a property in England
  • check the documents of any other adults living in the property
  • make copies of your documents and keep them until you leave the property
  • return your original documents to you once they’ve finished the check 

You will not be able to rent the property if you cannot provide evidence of your right to rent a property in England.

Checking your right to rent with the Home Office

If you cannot show the right documents, we can ask the Home Office to confirm that you have the right to rent a property in England. This is usually because you have an outstanding application or appeal with the Home Office.

You will have to provide us with your Home Office reference number so that the check can be carried out. 

Repeat checks

Additional checks will not be carried out if you stay in the same property and if:

  • you are British or from an EEA country
  • you have no time limit on your right to stay in the UK

We will have to carry out repeat check if there is a time limit on your right to stay in the UK, e.g. you are on a visa.

We will ask to see your documents again just before your permission to stay runs out, or after 12 months, whichever is longer.

Who are Rentshield Direct?

Rentshield Direct are a reputable Tenant referencing agency based in South Devon who provide Letting Agents and Landlords with a detailed suitability report for potential Tenants.  They can also provide Tenants, Landlords and Letting Agents with suitable insurance products.

Why am I being referenced?

The Letting Agent or Landlord employ Rentshield Direct to check your suitability to rent a property.  Detailed assessments reassures them that you are a suitable candidate.

Why does the referencing form request so much personal information?

The forms have been specifically designed for the sole purpose of checking your suitability as a Tenant.  Rentshield are goverened by the Financial Services Authority, in respect of insurance sales and strictly adhere to the Data Protection Act 1998.

How long will the referencing take?

As a company, Rentshield understand that Tenants want to move as quickly and efficiently as possible and therefore they aim to complete all referencing applications within 48 hours.  In some circumstances it may take longer.

Fee schedule

Reference Fee : Single : £192.00 Inc VAT

Two People : £288.00 Inc VAT

Three People : £360.00 Inc VAT 

Four People : £420.00 Inc VAT 

Guarantor Fee : £72.00 Inc VAT per guarantor

Late Rental Payment : £12.00 Inc VAT for 1-6 days. Six days

(It is the Tenants responsibility to set up the Standing Order) and thereafter – £6.00 Inc VAT per day.

Missed Inspection/Maintenance Appointments : £18.00 Inc VAT 

Bounced Cheques or Referred Payments : £18.00 Inc VAT 

Miss-Placed or Lost Keys : Cost to replace keys or have locks changed

Non-Emergency Call Out i.e. Locked Out : £30.00 Inc VAT 

Tenancy Amendment : £120.00 Inc VAT 

(Tenant change of personal circumstances) 

Re-Letting Costs : £570.00 Inc VAT

(Due to early termination and subject to Landlord(s) instructions)

We are always delighted to answer any letting queries that a prospective Client may have and offer a warm and professional welcome to both Tenants and Landlords.